About the House of Has-Beens

One of the fastest growing industries of our times is the "assisted living" facility. It has astutely stepped in to provide coverage for those not able to live independently, but not yet in need of total care. All right, it's a way-station, if you will, before the nursing home scenario.

Assisted living is becoming a familiar feature in the American landscape for a number of already well-discussed reasons such as medicine, mobility, work patterns and all the other complex characteristics of life in the nineties. It is a viable and pertinent service.

The House of Has-Beens is a small collection of grapes (some of them sour) from within one of these vineyards and it's pure vintage from an 89 year old man trapped inside an obstinate body, a marriage of 66 years, and the House of Has-Beens.

Grapes from the House of Has-Beens:
"This May Prove Food to My Displeasure"

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