the queen
What's a Monarch to Do?

Poor Queen.
Another, "Annus horribilis."
Alive, Diana was a bloody handful.
"Di," dead, takes on formidable proportions.
What's a monarch to do?

Poor Queen.
Problem is, the princess fufilled people's fantasies.
With all due respect, Your Majesty, we need a new package.
The passwords are appearance and attitude, as the princess well exemplified.
True, she was a "natural" (charismatics are), but we must give her credit for consciously and constructively using those givens--musn't we.
Musn't we?

Poor Queen.
Heading up the old intrepid institution these days is not one's cup of tea, is it?
Change, Your Majesty, change!
Make a pre-emptive strike against the whirlwind of worship that gathers around the mother of the future king.
Obtain better advisement, Your Majesty.
Do play the game.

Poor Queen.
Six days after her death, the title "Princess" is being replaced.
That bloody nuisance is fast becoming a saint, and we have to do more than fly the flag at half-mast to combat the ground-swell.
What's a Monarch to do, indeed!
The first priority of any institution is to survive.

Bend--and chances are, God WILL save the Queen.

Poor Queen.


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