The Courage of Our Confusion

Illustrated Poetry and Poetry Thoughts
Poetry and Thoughts for the Confusing side of life...
Sky Views
plastic flowers
Waiting for a Comet
Life at 10 Below
Memory Moments

Route 30 Something
The View from Somewhere on Route 30...
Window 1: Alligator Meat
Alligator Meat Addendum
Window 2:Quercus
Window 3: Flying
Window 4: The House of Has-Beens: 1908

Profiles in Confusion
Confused? Or just crazy?...
Did Dickinson do Laundry?
Listening to God's Gravel
What's a Monarch to Do?

Two on an Ass
The true adventures of two mortals...
About Two on an Ass
Franco: Ida Gallatti
Claire: Carpe Diem

Movies, Books, and Web Sites for the Confused...
Sensible Kate
Death on the Web
The Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon

It's never too late for a Geezer to become a Geek...
The Geezer and the Geek
Hemispheric Hawthorne Effect
Geezer Gripes: Barnes & Lonely
Lot's Wife

It Crossed My Mind
The most recent things we've been thinking about....
Will the Truth Please Put Its Pants On?

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