Dear Nimrod,
...Regarding our mutual acquaintance who has lost his soul somewhere and is frantically searching for life may not be exciting, but at least it's real!
Kind of ties into Adele and The Woman who Walked on Water, doesn't it? Remember in that book how Adele deliberately lets go of her former life and identity to search for her own version of spiritual truth? Leaving a privileged (in many senses) life to chase around the world to be close to her father-like guru.
I mean, I got very irritated with Adele. I didn't see her as increasing her spirituality--I saw her retreating into a selfish private world. Life may be absurd, but you have to embrace it in its entire absurdity. I don't have admiration for those who seek to live their life by erasing it, or reliving one life over and over in a way that shuts out the life occurring right now, this very moment. What kind of spirituality is it that has as its goal the negation of both the outer life and your rich inner one? Blankness, to me, doesn't seem to be something to strive for.
Is there a coincidence that those who have been given so much are the ones who find the chance for nothingness appealing? You know, I grew up in a farmhouse without an indoor toilet, and I have never once wanted to go live in the wilderness and squat on top of a latrine. Perhaps if these people had ever faced nothingness on their own they wouldn't strive for it?
We also never see a real hint of any good emanating from either Adele or "him." We are told he is wise and wonderful, but see no proof of it. At times he is almost sadistic. I feel nothing from having known him--perhaps that is his point? And Adele acts like her few moments of unity and illumination are the culmination of all this--well, as I can attest--doesn't take any courage to live in an illuminated world--but it does take courage to live in one that isn't.
Well, enough rambling for this evening. Nothing left but to embrace the absurd!!
take care,

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