Maria E. Ibarguren Duarte and M. Louise Veronica Ciccone:  Don't cry for them...they are genius

Two audaciously endowed individuals destined to leave their indelible imprint; one did and the other is doing it. Could either of them refrain from the chances they repeatedly took in order to emerge? Relishing risk (as they both did and do) these two singular and sagacious specimens defied convention as they rose from humble origin to the big house on the hill. How did they do it? How does this happen?
The ancient Romans believed genius (from the word genere which means to produce) to be a guardian spirit assigned to a person at birth in order to influence their destiny. Included in this description is the personification of qualities; a particular character or essential spirit or nature of a nation, place, age, etc. This explanation certainly works better than anything else I can think of, but I'm not so sure that even Evita and Madonna would be able to get away with quick dipping into a deity/destiny spin. The times require a more detached approach when pondering such percipience. I'll, then, give to their guardian spirits three propensities each; viscera, vision, and viscosity. Certainly this cute little method shall insure us success in the task of trying to nail down how it all happens.

Viscera, history, and luck being on one's side, genius would need to be strong and self-sufficient. That's the viscera part which must be predominately genetic. The ego can admit no major holes in order to support arrival and maintenance of the tutelary trajectory. In this respect, biology is destiny. Genius is born, not developed. It is driven from the very core to expression.

Beauty, talent, personality, and any number of givens, round out the bountiful bassinet. The latter becomes a crucible as experience and circumstances contribute. Any biography of either will supply material for such conjecture. (The illegitimacy and denied respectability in Eva's case, and the early loss of mother and subsequent upheaval in Madonna's.) Any number of factors go into the makng of all of us; we are ultimately disposed of in a way as we are originally proposed. It must be vision that keeps the ship at true North.

This is the gelatinous, binding agent allowing no mutiny of factors. Raw ambition can now take on the ability to persuade others to endorse and promote the ascendancy of their vision. Personality has coagulated into persona. Charisma alone, however, cannot do it all. There must be, in addition, political astuteness and an unerring instinct recognizing, at all junctures, those that are to be helpful. A charismatic's last name is communicator. Being able to see things from another's perspective, they invariably hit the mark by use of symbols and metaphors; they are wonderful storytellers. The effectiveness of the communication rests in depth of the well. Their tossed pebbles land quickly on the bottom, ripples notwithstanding. Power, of this kind, comes from being able to speak directly to the unconscious, be it collective or individual. It is polarizing and we must love or hate them.
Eva Peron and Madonna Ciccone; not only will we not cry for you;

We must love you.

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