To my demented way of thinking, those purple shrouded "containers" recently discovered in California have required less of a strain on our logic than organized religion. The elaborate tales spun over the years on the Jesus thing, for example, place more mechanistic challenges in our path than the tail of any comet could. Let's not get into all that.

The only problem I have with any of these things is a basic discomfort with exit procedures. It seems to me that if we've evolved to the point of "willed thanometamorphosis," then we should sure as hell pull it off via molecular shut-down. I've heard of aborigines in South America who do just that when the time comes.

They leave the group and sit by themselves.

Within a few minutes, they are dead.

This works for the aborigines, because, for them, this is mainstream thinking. We are astonished and disgusted with cult antics because they're on the fringe and must be condemned. The real threat lies in our gut where we recognize our own vulnerability.

"Hail Mary Full of Grace..."

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